Line Lokom

The “LOKOM” are light locotractors designed for railway use only.


The “LOKOM” are light locotractors designed for railway use only.
Thanks to the rail traction system on steel wheels, they are able to effect standard works.

For low speed tows, Zephir uses RUBBER – STEEL technology in which it is experienced since 30 years.

These vehicles are cheap and able to replace Diesel-hydraulic locomotives up to a weight of 40 tons, working in the industrial installation.

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Data Sheet

Drive Diesel
Operator type (road mode) Ride seated
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm N/A
Drive t from 18 to 44
Service weight kN from 18 to 44
Max. drawbar pull kN From 70 to 120
Max. towing capacity t From 1400 to 2400
Max. rail speed unloaded km/h From 11 to 25
Engine manufacturer Cummins
Engine power kW/HP From 129/173To  362/485
No of cylinders/displacement cm3 From 6/6.700To 6/15.000
Fuel tank capacity dm3 From 250To 450
Power shift transmission – torque converter – (fwd/rev) speeds 3/3 to 4/4


  • Radio remote control, interlock, ground operator safety remote control
  • Availability of different rail gauge measures
  • Air conditioning inside the cabin
  • Wide range of hooks, couplers and tow bars
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • Railtrack “short-circuit” signalling system and distance proximity sensors
  • In-railing and on-hook video cameras system
  • Cold environment protection “Arctic pack”
  • High temperature pack
  • Multi-Unit configuration
  • Latest engines generation
  • Engine star & stop
  • Driver seat on right side
  • Painting and custom stickers
  • Extended Warranty
  • Availability of other options upon request


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