Port Elizabeth-based Versatile Container Handling has developed a distribution system which creates new opportunities for companies delivering a number of smaller loads to different geographic areas.

The system uses a suite of branded containers instead of a fleet of trucks and trailers. Sidelifters or trailer-mounted container lifters, unlock huge potential in hub and spoke supply-chain service delivery,” says Harry Finlayson, International Sales Manager for VCH in South Africa.

“Too many logistics systems rely on expensive truck and trailer configurations for small deliveries. This costly rig is out all day servicing a restricted suburb or zone delivering or fetching loads which can be handled more cost-effectively by smaller vehicles,” he says.

Using the SIDELIFTER system, distributors can load two twenty foot or one forty foot container on the Sidelifter trailer, place them on the ground at a central point in the delivery zone, and then return to the warehouse for the next load with the previous day’s container.

With a range of products from 35 to 45t, a sidelifter is a perfect tool to lift, move and set down containers for easy loading & unloading

The container becomes a mini distribution hub served by a light delivery vehicle and local team for the zone, suburb or industrial park. “The system works just as well in reverse, with components or products being packed into a strategically-placed container,” he says. One of the advantages of the Sidelifter is that it can deliver a container over a standard security fence or wall, ensuring that the products are kept safe.

The system is also suitable for the delivery of Tanktainers filled with water, fuel or other liquids. ASidelifter can also lift and transport Above Ground Fuel Tanks ) TRANSTANKS

Using a Sidelifter to move containers allows manufacturers to pack finished products directly into containers instead of the intermediary step of using a warehouse.

Versatile Container Handlings new Autobocs (for handling bulk material), Bottom Discharge Containers and Transtank Fuel storage tanks can all be lifted and transported with a Sidelifter.