Rubber Tyred Gantries

Rubber tyred gantries provide cost-effective solutions with high availability for small and mid-sized operations.


When correctly specified to the application, rubber tyred gantries provide cost-effective solutions with high availability for small and mid-sized operations.

Customized ultra-efficient RTG solutions can significantly reduce capital, civil and operating costs whilst delivering fast cycle times. Isoloader’s RTGs are used for train-stripping and trans-shipping operations in intermodal terminals handling up to 100,000 containers per year, as well as in a range of industrial load handling applications.

Flexible – available as single beam and double beam gantries with spans up to 30m and loads up to 120 tonnes. Gantries can be configured to work independently or in tandem to handle long loads such as pre-cast concrete bridge segments
High availability – Isoloader’s RTGs are designed for smaller operations that can not justify a backup gantry and where an availability of above 98% is required.

Targeted automation – high precision hydrostatic systems that require minimal complex control, auto-steer, mechanical anti-sway and operator pre-set systems all combine to deliver a fast and easy positioning of the load. Isoloader’s RTGs balance simplicity and reliability with the fast cycles times required for operations such as train stripping, making them perfect for small terminals.
Reliability and low maintenance costs – simple and robust mechanical systems, hydraulic drives and mechanical anti-sway systems lead to higher reliability and availability, and lower service costs.

Maneuverability – multiple steering modes include sideways transfer and rotation enable the gantries to move between operating lanes.

Comfort – low mounted air conditioned cabs with good visibility provide the quick and easy operator access required in small terminals. Designed for continuous operation, simplified operator controls reduce driver fatigue.





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