Heavy Lifters

Engineered solutions for lifting, transporting and manipulating loads up to 120 tonnes.

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Handling industrial loads

With customized spreaders, Isoloader’s RTGs and Straddle Carriers provide proven and cost effective solutions for a wide range of load handling applications.

Isoloader’s industrial load handling solutions are based on our range of single beam and double beam RTGs and Straddle Carriers, including our Transporter, Econolifter and EZLift straddles. With a variety of options such as lifting the load from the bottom, from the top, with magnets or with spreaders that squeeze the load and lift, Isoloader can engineer a solution for practically any application, including handling ingots and anodes, pre-cast concrete segments, coils and plates, steel structures such as windtowers, and industrial equipment such as power-packs.

Manipulation – loads can be manipulated as well as lifted and transported, including rotating and tipping the load, or turning the load upside down.

Multiple applications – leverage a single load handling solution throughout your operation, from handling containers through to handling industrial loads, from packing equipment into open-top containers through to lifting cast segments out of molds.

Maneuverability – with standard options for multiple steering modes including 2W and 4W steer, rotation and sideways crab, together with low height clearances, Isoloader can provide a solution to maneuver within the physical constraints of your site.

Tandem configurations – RTGs and Straddles can be configured to work independently or in pairs to handle long loads such as pre-cast concrete bridge segments



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