New State of the art Zephir Shunting Locomotive for AB Inbev Port Elizabeth.

ABinbev recently took delivery of their brand new Zephir Crab Shunting Locomotive.
The Crab 2100 Electric Shunting Locomotive will be used to shunt full and empty wagons at 
the manufacturing facility in Perseverance.

The new clean Battery Powered  unit can pull up to 520 tons (6 Full Wagons) during its shunting duty.
It also has the ability to either Shunt on the rail or travel along a normal roadway.

The end user benefits include fully enclosed Cabin with all round visibility.
The on-off rail capability ensures effective use of rail infrastructure and easy storage & maintenance.

Siyazi Technology looks forward to working with ABInbev to ensure a smooth shunting operation at their 
Persevearance depot.