Bulk Loading Systems


How to load bulk cargo into a complete train / or truck-trailer combination in up to 10 minutes



  • Bins discharged simultaneously into rail wagons –significantly improving the train loading time
  • RRL –AutoBOCS on stilts, loading simultaneously
  • RRL is preloaded before the train arrives using FEL or material handling crane
  • RRL is top loaded and bottom discharged
  • Wagons are shunted into place underneath RRL units
  • RRL loads entire wagon set instantly
  • One RRL bin per wagon
  • Precise load mass -no skew loading
  • No under or overloading
  • Each unit is fitted with dust suppression and weight plates for clean and accurate loading



The Rocket Truck Loader eliminates the slow weighbridge process

  • Reducing direct costs associated with this and the corresponding bottlenecks
  • Reduces traffic and possible collision risk between private truckers and yellow metal in the loading process.
  • Bins are preloaded
  • Speeds up truck loading, boosting the opportunity to increase the number of cycles
  • Cost containment measures
  • Softloading–low product degradation
  • Environmentally friendly(dust suppression)–health
  • Flexibility–can easily be relocated
  • Bins are purpose-built
  • Mass and consignment information is transmitted on a real-time basis via
    SQL database server and relational database management system to allow for immediate access or availability.y.